A Comprehensive Buying Guide for ParKour Shoes

These shoes are perfect for sports and casual activities and parkour training. Buyers can get the best out of their parkour activities by choosing the right pair of parkour shoes. Individuals who are not capable of practicing sheer hard work find it hard to master the skills of parkour. These people can benefit a lot by investing in this product. There are different types and designs of parkour shoes which are helpful in providing relaxation, comfort and absorbing shocks from jumps. The best parkour gear products (TBPG) are well-designed to provide a firm grip on different types of terrains. This post is going to discuss TBPG products on the current market. Factors taken into account when choosing the right product include budget, user ratings, durability, performance, and testing and cushioning.

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate-81

trainer This is one the most popular parkour shoes. It has an awesome design that makes it very efficient. In addition to this, this product has a lightweight build that provides painless movements. It has an efficient shock absorption system that offers smooth landing, especially in rough places. Their back midsole is equipped with three ventilation holes which are strategically placed to ease tension. Layers can use it to easily and conveniently perform different skills.


  • Price is low
  • Solid head support
  • Exquisite absorption Rigid construction


  • It does not support high landings
  • It has light colors that fade with time

Vibram Men’s KSO Evo

This is one of the best training shoes that every player needs to buy. It is a cross trainer which is designed for different exercises including parkour. It comes with superb manmade and lightweight outsoles making it a unique running shoe. It has a perfect cushioning system that provides crucial help to heels and arch. Additionally, this product is designed with an antimicrobial lining that prevents the player’s feet from different infections, humidity, and sweat.


  • Durable
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Multiple functions
  • Quick lacing and easy fit
  • Stable Provides firm grip


  • Price is high
  • Sizes of these shoes are not accurate
  • Its shock absorption system is lousy and inefficient

Evolv Men’s Cruzer

This is an approach shoe that is preferred by many runners out there. These shoes are designed with a ridged rubber sole and rigid canvas. Its inner sole is lined with a micro-fiber layer. It has a huge black frontal safety feature that safeguards the player’s toes.


  • Rubber, soft sole
  • Barefoot Friendly
  • Extra support and protection
  • Rigid canvas


  • Quality is bad
  • Made of cheap materials
  • It is not suitable for high jumps