Unexpected Cause of Diseases

Sometimes we like to live our lives thinking that everything goes well, and since we’re adults we tend to not think twice of our decision and just did whatever we wanted. Perhaps we like to go out and spend a lot of time together with our friends, eating and drinking whatever we want. But then you got sick one day, and you didn’t know where it came from, and do not worry. In this article, we’re going to tell you unexpected cause of diseases, more specifically, on specific scenarios that cause you to get that disease. Read more if you want to stay away from these diseases.

Unsterilized Equipments

equipmentThe first scenario that could happen is that you’re trying to get a beautiful tattoo, perhaps a picture of a butterfly or a dragon (depending on your preferences.) So you hit up one of your friends who have a tattoo, asking them where they got it. So you get to the tattoo artist place, consult with them and you’ve settled with a design and a price. But after getting the tattoo or at least the first initial sketch, you feel itchy and all. The cause of this? Unsterilized equipment.

Fish Pedicures

This one often happens in the south-east Asian country, and that is a fish pedicure, a pedicure where you dunk your feet in a tank and let fish eat your dead skin. It doesn’t hurt, but it might spread infection according to experts, and to make things even worse if the tank is not properly sanitized, there’s an increased chance of infections. There are many diseases when it comes to fish pedicures, and if you’re unlucky, you might get one from trying this treatment.

Sharing Makeup

makeupLet’s say that you’re out with the girls since morning, and by night you had plans to go out drinking with them as well. So by the afternoon, you’re thinking to touch up your makeup, but you forgot your things back at home, and one of the girls offered you their makeup products since you’re friends with them. Make sure to refuse the offer, as sharing makeup can cause a lot of diseases, such as acne, eye infection, staph infection and many more. A tip from us is to make sure you bring your products wherever you go.