Best foods for babies

When it comes to feeding babies, a lot of consideration has to be taken to ensure that they get all the nutrients that they need. No particular food is nutritionally all-rounded and suitable for kids. This makes it crucial to learn a thing or two to properly nourish babies. If you are blessed with a baby, then this post is for you. We will look at some of the best choices for a baby’s diet, and in the process help your baby grow up to be a healthy and lively individual. Here are the top choices that should be present in your child’s dietary.

Keeping babies healthy nutritionally

Breast milk

Many modern mothers like to forego breast feeding and instead give their bBreast milkabies formula milk. To be on the safe side, and foster your babies’ health, do not opt for formula milk as a replacement for breast milk. Breast milk is naturally formulated to include all the necessary nutrients, and make it possible for the baby to grow healthy. The World Health Organization recommends continued breast feeding for up to 2 years, while the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 1 year.


Avocado is a great choice for a first food for babies. It contains unsaturated fats that are crucial to the development of the brain. It is also easier for the baby to digest it. Other than the nutritional benefits, it is affordable, and requires no complex preparation. This is a must for every baby’s diet.

Sweet potatoes

Rich with lots of ingredients, sweet potatoes are a must have in everyone’s diet, even adults. The sweet taste, and soft texture makes it liked by babies. It is rich in Vitamin C, Carotene, Iron and Copper, all necessary for good health and body development.


Blueberries are known as nature’s antioxidants. Its lack of cholesterol, richness in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and fiber are all perfect for the baby’s cardio vascular health. Blueberries are also perfect for your babies’ eyes and digestive system.


Vegetables are very importaBroccolint in everyone’s health, especially babies. Broccoli is one of the top vegetables that you can start feeding your child as a first food. It is rich in fiber and calcium; nutrients that are necessary for a child’s growth.

Food is very important in ensuring that babies develop into healthy individuals. Just remember that baby food needs special preparations to make it easier for them to eat.