Tools to keep your dental hygiene

Dental health is vital to maintaining overall health. It is critical to a healthy life. Cleaning your teeth will clear away the bacteria stuck in your mouth before it even gets into your body. This is what makes dental health so important to the wellness of your body. Your health is your wealth. By keeping your teeth clean, you protect your asset. And you don't have to do it by spending a lot of money by going to a dental hygienist either. There are simple and basic at-home tools you can use to do just that. The array of products in the dental care aisle may be overwhelming. Stick to these basic run-of-the-mill teeth cleansing tools to keep your dental health.


toothbrushA toothbrush is probably the most indispensable tool for keeping your teeth and your gums healthy. We have all learned to use it since kindergarten. And that is for a good reason. It is the most convenient tool in oral care. Brush your teeth with a toothbrush at least twice a day, or if you can after every time you've had something to eat. When choosing a toothbrush to buy, there are several bristle options. There is soft, medium, and hard bristles. Dentists will always suggest you to go for the soft ones. They are gentle on your gums and won't be too abrasive. You can also consider buying an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes can prevent the harsh swaying motion of brushing and replace it with the gentle circular motion it is programmed to do. But remember to buy a toothbrush with the shape and size that can fit in your mouth conveniently. This will make for a more comfortable and easier teeth cleaning process.

Dental floss

dental flossFlossing is important to remove the food particles that your toothbrush missed while brushing your teeth. You should floss at least once a day to get rid of the tiny food bits stuck and trapped between your teeth. This will help to reduce plaques. It will also help in reducing the likelihood of gum diseases and your tooth decay. If your teeth are more tightly spaced, you should use flossing tape or the waxed floss. They glide between your teeth more seamlessly.

Water flossers

tools for dental careWater flossers are a great alternative to dental floss. It is similar to the flossers that you can find at the dentists, but it is now made convenient for at home use. And you can find it sold freely on the market. These flossers are a lot more effective than your average flossing tape. It has a targeted stream of water that will remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria. It is also more comfortable and easier to use than your basic dental floss. It also has added gum benefits since its pulsating action stimulates gum tissues. It is fast, easy, effective, and takes care of your dental health.

Why you need to see a dental hygienist

Brushing your teeth twice a day along with a regular visit to a dental hygienist will keep your teeth in a tip top condition.They are licensed oral dental professionals and usually work in tandem with a dentist. Providing essential preventive care, they make it possible for the dentist to focus on complex and specialized treatments. They specialize in prevention as opposed to treatment by a dentist.

Why do you need them?brushing teeth

Recent research showed that poor dental health could lead to other systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke. The mouth can be one of the primary sources of permanent release of bacteria into the bloodstream for various health problems. Here comes the role of a hygienist who will try to prevent the progress of dental diseases.

Services performed these professionals

The role of a dental hygienist had changed over a period. When the profession was developed in 1906, the purpose of the profession was to provide preventive dental cleaning services. Now the main objective of these professionals is to provide dental care, but more responsibilities have been added. 1. Oral assessments including administering prophylaxis (tooth cleaning), oral cancer screening, evaluating the condition of gums and mouth, dental charting, etc. 2. Taking, producing and interpreting dental X-ays 3. Removal of tartar and stains from teeth 4. The application of preventive medications like fluorides sealants to the teeth. 5. Office management and documentation duties 6. Taking tooth impressions to determine treatment need 7. Application of local anesthetic if properly trained 8. Teach patients about basic oral hygiene to prevent gum diseases and tooth decay as well as protection strategies. This includes introduction or maintenance of quit smoking program and knowledge sharing around good nutrition for healthy gum and teeth. 9. Performing non-surgical therapy like root planting, scaling. 10. Point to be noted that every state has its own licensing agreement for what a dentist can practice. Hence types of services performed by them vary from state to state.

The role of a Dental Hygienist

healthy teethThey must be good at working with hands as they primarily work in small part or tight quarters of the body using precise tools. They should be comfortable standing or bending over patients for a long time Should be well versed with complicated and complex machinery such as X-Ray machines and other powered instruments. So next time, you visit a dentist or a hygienist, take the time to appreciate and listen to their instruction for you have only one set of natural teeth, and you would want to keep them as long as you can.

Why you need a home teeth-whitening kit

If you intend to have your teeth whitened, you can either do it at home or have a dentist do it. However, you can carry out a teeth-whitening procedure by yourself. Therefore, you do not have to outsource the services of a dentist. You only need to get the knowledge on how to do it, and you are ready to go. This article will bring to light some of the reasons to have your kit. Below are a few reasons that justify the need to use a teeth whitening kit.


This is one of the reasons you should have your toothteeth whitened at home. Obviously, you will have to incur less professional teeth whitening kit cost compared to exorbitant whitening costs charged by dentists. To ensure you save on money spent ensure that you buy a kit that suits your dental structure. Also, go through many credible online teeth whitening product reviews. With this, you will also get some knowledge on how to carry out the lightening procedure for better results

Gradual results

A dentist can deliver teeth whitening results within a single session. However, many clients are not comfortable with this. They opt for a gradual teeth whitening. This is attributed to the fact that the whitener may be too concentrated to contribute to teeth insensitivity issues. Thus, if you want to protect your teeth from damage, you should consider using a mild teeth-whitening kit is imperative.


This is another benefit of having a teeth whitening kit. With this kit, you can lighten your teeth whenever you want. This is contrary to when you decide dentureto have a dentist carry out this procedure. In the latter case, you have to book an appointment. Moreover, you are also not certain that your dentist will always show up during the scheduled time. More to this, it is expensive to visit a dentist occasionally. This may be inconvenient when you have no money to commute.As such, if you wish to enjoy convenience make a point of buying this kit.


With a home teeth-whitening kit, you will achieve a white smile with minimal chemical use. In addition to this, the process is gradual. Thus, you can monitor changes that take place during the process and take corrective measures. Why then should you underestimate the need of having your kit?